Friday, December 21, 2007

Mitten Friday, volume III


Second avenue
Just east of Gramercy Park
At Epiphany

Around the corner
Red building open til six
and tomorrow, three

At reception desk
Tell her your name is Newsy
Your purple mittens


Leave graduate school
walking east on thirty fourth
look for a seven

Only a few blocks
Park Avenue apartments
again, a seven

In the south planter
behind the lights and holly
Your new green mittens


utenzi said...

Oh, man. Those look so nice, Nina. I'm heading off to SC tonight--is there any chance you dropped some mittens off there when you visited last week? LOL

Nina said...

Utenzi, If you email me your address, I will send you mittens. Have no fear that I will come and get you with my lasers. I have too many papers to grade for all that. (But I did live in Raleigh for eight years so I bet I could find you and zing you if I ever got caught up on work. Just saying).