Saturday, December 8, 2007

Regarding the Mitten Situation

Official notice regarding to current location of the red mittens:

No one but Persephone can find the mittens. The reason is there is an actual live person holding the mittens and waiting for Persephone to come and get them AT HER LEISURE.

Other mittens will be made and stashed on Fridays until the weather turns warm. And yes, I am taking long distance mitten requests. Mudflappers may be available based on current yarn supply and size requirements.

In other news, I got on a plane at 6am today and flew to SC to see my Dad. He picked me up from the airport and we went out for coffee. Later, we are going to work on the rock wall (which is essentially finished) and start constructing the floor joists for the pergola.

What is a pergola?

Anyway, we'll be working together all weekend. I got 3 hours of sleep last night, so I can't write much more. Suffice it to say I am very happy to be here and to see my dad looking so well.

Comment, please, if you would like mittens. And state your size, por favor.

Hasta la... anyway, have a good weekend.


LAS said...

Are you really taking long distance mitten requests? I don't have the faintest idea what size. Hmm.

Rick said...

I would LOVE some mittens. Large.

em said...

How long does it take to knit one pair of mittens?

Enjoy the visit with your dad!

utenzi said...

I'm more of a glove person, Nina, but I admire your giving nature--and I do love that creative impulse that makes some people want to make things. That impulse only hits me when I need another bookshelf or two. And along those lines, it sounds like you're going to be doing a good bit of handy work with your Dad. Have a great time.

Nina said...

LAS, I know what size you are: adult small, or women's medium.

Rick, noted. Check Friday posts (and your email for your mittens - it'll be this Friday or next).

Em, 2 hours. Thanks!

Utenzi, most people like gloves better, but mittens are easier to knit. I am not THAT giving, apparently. :-).

LizB said...

How about a swap? Women's medium-sized mittens for something faboo from my garden?

Liz said...

I would love some mittens, but how will you get them to me over here in NE Ohio/NW PA? I don't know what size but I'm not a very big woman and I guess I have smallish hands but with long fingers.

Maggie said...

Nina, you rock! And new mittens will be excellent comfort to make me feel better after yesterday's ridiculous fall on the ice. (see pic)

I think I'll be in NYC this weekend, unless there's a snowstorm. And I figure I'm a women's medium. Will they be poetic and porny?

And you rock!