Monday, August 25, 2008


I would post the link to this quiz if I thought any intelligent person would endure the onslaught of mandatory marketing blah blah blah you'd have to wade through to get your results.

And you know what? I think the fact that I bothered invalidates the results.

But I'll take a 145 - since I need to think I am smart as compensation for being thick and ordinary.



sybil law said...

I think I actually took that once. Did it take forever?
I am too tired to even consider taking a test right now.
And you are anything but ordinary!

Matt said...

The color test was distressing enough. I think I am going to refrain from following you down this particular rabbit hole. still, congratulations on being brainy.

Finn said...

I have no patience for these tests anymore. I know I'm somewhere in the 130 range. So, you're far smarter than I am.

And most certainly not ordinary.

Annie said...

I took this test once and got 135, I may be more or less smart now, but I don't need to know :-). Nina you don't need this test to prove you are not ordinary, none of us are ordinary.

nightfly said...

Eh, if we're smart we'll figure out how to find the thing. If not, hey, it's a self-selecting quiz, right?

Personally, I figured you was a shmott lady, quiz or not. I'll have to live with uncertainty concerning my own head stuffings.