Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today, I am taking my laptop up the Yonkers to watch the races. I have never done this before, but I hear it's fun. And it has been a long time since i have been anywhere involving animals. If I were really on my game, I'd go to the Bronx Zoo, but I think I'd get more work done watching the races. I hope the horses enjoy it because it seems like a lot of pressure to put on the feet and ankles and psychiatric outfits of those animals.

Because I am too busy trying to decide what to wear and I haven't had my coffee yet, I will respond to a few comments:

Avitable, Lord, yes, lots of anti-sad meds. They are working. Not all the way, but enough for me to brush and floss.

Rick(y), you know I had to dust the tops of my doors after you said that. Gracias. I had no idea the dust I would find.

Cath, Annie, Jane, Finn, why are you so good to me?

Everyone else, love to you too. I'll be fun again soon and shoot - maybe later I'll come home and post pictures of four legged creatures running around in circles.




LAS said...

Oh I'm jealous - I love going to the track! I'm pretty good at winning money too, except that I have no strategy and I totally base it on gut feeling.

Rick(y) said...

De nada. Nobody ever does, until they do. And when they do, they never forget. Unless they do.

sybil law said...

It's good for you to get out!
Oh and Rick(y) - I SO dust the tops of my doors. Just not terribly often. :)

Avitable said...

Brushing and flossing is very important!

Annie said...

Nina-I am good to you because you deserve it and because you are funny and smart :-). Glad you are getting out and hopefully having fun today. XOXO

catherine said...

Because you are good to the world, and me. I happen to believe you are particularly special. I hope you enjoyed seeing the animals, and got your work done. :)