Saturday, August 16, 2008

Love for P

Princess of internet excellent P requested that in exchange for her recent donation to the Nina is orphaned, disinherited and chronically under clouds of bad fortune fund that I write a haiku for the children of Afghanistan. I embraced this challenge with vigor, but found myself struggling with syllable related difficulties. So I composed three.

Afghan children of God
Mittens I would make
Bright colors for you

Smalls of war torn land
Hot sun and terrible noise
Still - be not afraid

Americans love
cheese - do your people make it?
Afghan kids - try it.

Your turn.

In comments, compose a haiku, or tell me which one of my poor attempts pleases* you most.

*Appreciating Lisa and Ingrid and a few other people, initial KP and LW. Do you folks have blogs? If you do, clue me in.


M@ said...

Are you in Afghanistan now? I have a rug from there.

utenzi said...

That Paypal interface is slick, Nina. I work with a young doctor from Nepal and I'll focus on his country:

Troubled is Nepal
Years of corruption
lend a summer's stench

Land of elevation
beauty reaches towards stars
humbled by earthly ambition

red flag from afar waves
farmers grumble anew
the future trembles

Lisa said...

I just want to give you props for the haiku. I can't think of anything right now with an 8 year old asking me questions about Bratz fashions (for real) and an 11 year old on the other side asking me Webkinz questions. I'm really missing college classes and intelligent conversations at the moment.

I've been thinking about you and hoping you are doing O.K.

LizB said...

Here's the one I commented you with the other day:

Children want to play
Peace in Kabul is shattered
Scars of war run deep

Julie said...

So, wee Afghan Kids
Is your lion okay now?
Please go to the zoo.

sybil law said...

This one is my favorite:
Smalls of war torn land
Hot sun and terrible noise
Still - be not afraid
My [bad] attempt:
Afghani children
have the world on their shoulders
too heavy; so strong.

P said...

Oh how I love you,
Nina of haiku greatness.
Cheese is what they need.

Perhaps some string cheese
Would make war-torn smalls feel good.
I like how it peels.

Kate P said...

Nice job on the haiku.

(P.S. look at my initials.)

ellie said...

LW = Ellie :)

I hope you're well. You sound better each day.