Thursday, August 28, 2008


The ubiquitous 100 things post. The first ten are here. The second ten, aqui. Here are ten more items for it.

31) I eschew adverbs. You can (usually) find a verb that builds the adverb in so that no "ly" word is necessary. Case in point: "The police officer drove quickly to the scene." How about "The police office sped to the scene." ??

32) Someone left a comment on my blog last night calling me cold and heartless. That's right.... someone stumbled onto my blog in the middle of the night, read one post and decided that I am "cold". Jiggity jig.

33) My shoe size: 7.5

34) I lost my virginity when I was 21. You tell me: is that late, or early?

35) I lost my virginity for the dumbest reason EVER. Ready for this? (I wasn't). The reason was that I did not know anyone else who was still a virgin and I felt like a weirdo. Plus I had a nice boyfriend, so I figured I'd get it over with.

36) "Other" school starts tomorrow. I work from 8:15 - 7:20. OW.

37) I don't wear make up unless I have a real and verifiable excellent reason to do so. I love the stuff and all its girliness, but I but my face is my face. Take it or leave it. (Unless I want to bat some smokey black eyelashes at you. Then you get make up).

38) I love thunderstorms. Unless they are thundernados. I do not like those.

39) I might be going to Costa Rica for Christmas. Why the heck not? I have a credit with the company I was supposed to go to Africa with, and there is no one left to die. What could possibly go wrong? (insert ominous music here).

40) Increased doses of Lexapro make people (me) incredibly tired.

Real post tomorrow.




catherine said...

I can't even sit near a mirror for too long without putting on lipstick, gotta have that, but then I look kind of like a warm corpse otherwise. I just can't pull it off, life without lipstick. Otherwise, I almost never wear any other makeup.

catherine said...

btw, I look like this.

Annie said...

I am with you on 34, only I was 24, and I am right there with 35.
38 too, I love thunder storms.

P said...

Who is this person who said you were cold? I will kill this person with my bare hands. Hugs and kisses and rainbows, P.

LizB said...

With regard to the random visitor who called you cold, what do you expect from some pothead who writes rambling, annoying drivel like this:

To me Seattle Hempfest is about a lot more than just smoking pot, it is about being a part of humanity's awakening and realization of freedoms lost and freedoms heretofore never realized.

Kate P said...

Smokey black eyelashes are awesome. My sister and I recently had a whole e-mail discussion about mascara. I think she has practically converted me to her choice.

Hope work goes well tomorrow. I'm off to go help P dump the drive-by commenter's body. :)

catherine said...

I am rather outraged and embarrassed that the witless punk ass hooligan douchebag who left the 'cold' comment resides in my hometown. I disclaim him! May all of Seattle disclaim him. Gah, ick, stupid hippie rot-for-brains in whose skull we could undoubtedly hear the ocean if we could tolerate the thought of getting that physically close to him. Which we can't. Rot in hell, 'cold' comment dude. No true Seattleite, you.

sybil law said...

I am going to join the gang and go catch that guy's house on fire! (It's kinda like the Simpson's!)
Seriously. What an asshole. (Sorry about the adverb. I mean, I am serious. :)
Not into makeup, either. But oddly enough, mascara is one of the things I can wear that doesn't make me feel like I am wearing some kind of mask.

Avitable said...

A few people have sponsored you for the Halloween party, so there's a chance you might win a trip down here for that, too.

nightfly said...

Did I miss the angry mob? But I have a torch! And a pitchfork! (Well, OK - it's just a garden rake, but STILL.)