Saturday, August 2, 2008

We believe that everyone should believe in something

Hi folks, LAS again. I figured I would put up this post over here that I posted on my own blog - since no one has posted yet today. Please keep Nina in your thoughts and prayers today (and have a drink for her!!).

So my cousin found this little thing that we wrote when we were 14 called "We Believe." We attempted to write down the things that we believed in at that age - some of these are from advertisements that we had hanging on our walls - others of them, I am honestly not sure where they came from. We made them up I guess. I remember when we wrote this. It won't be as funny to all of you, but when my cousin and I read it now, 17 years later, we were pretty much rolling on the floor laughing. So have a laugh if you want to - these are the things we thought believed in at 14.

We Believe
We believe in truth.
We believe we can sometimes lie.
We believe it should just go.
We believe there is a man in the moon.
We believe that peace is possible, maybe.
We believe that imagination is a doorway to understanding.
We believe that this commercial is good.
We believe that music is a bridge of expression.
We believe that poetry doesn't have to be written.
We believe that lust is necessary.
We believe that we are all alone out here.
We believe that we are candles.
We believe that people make their own heaven or hell.
We believe little kids know more than adults.
We believe you should feel not think.
We believe that things should be visually appealing.
We believe that Fig Newton's aren't just a cookie.
We believe that people shouldn't ask so many questions.
We believe that everyone should believe in something.
We believe that God is not judgmental.
We believe in the right to choose.
We believe that the news is breakfast for your head.
We believe if you have to be lost, you should make the most of it.
We believe that you have to have the ball to play the game.
We think we believe that black is not the absence of color, but we are not sure.
We believe that there is emotion after all.
We believe that pain is real.
We believe that rage is productive.
We believe that men should feel like shit.
We believe that anger should not be controlled.
We believe that silence is gray.
We believe that panic is art.
We believe that apathy is everything instead of nothing.
We believe that tomorrow may never come.
We believe that coldness is an emotional state.
We believe that sexy is a state of mind.
We believe we are victims.
We believe you should say you are sorry.
We believe that people can be on different ends of the same wavelength.
We believe there is something west of imagination.
We believe you don't have to get it.
We believe in the power of touch.
We believe that they want to steal our thoughts.
We believe we may die tonight.
We believe in the child inside.
We believe that what used to look wrong, now looks right.
We believe you are soaking in it.
We believe in songs about a boy.
We believe you should stand out in a dark crowded room.
We believe size isn't everything.
We believe temptations are to be yielded to.
We believe you should try them on first.
We believe in the rain.
We believe you are never to young to start.
We believe you should use your noodle.
We believe you can't find yourself until you lose yourself.
We believe we are lost.
We believe no one can be completely satisfied.
We believe we are collecting dust.
We believe there is a picture in every cloud.
We believe forgiveness comes with time.
We don't believe in time.
We believe in other peoples dreams.
We believe that wisdom comes with experience, not with age.
We believe real men should cry, often.
We believe that everyone is Venus in the dark.
We believe you should look to the cookie.
We believe that beauty can't be defined.
We believe in kindling our spirits.
We believe that love is a game.
We believe that if something looks too good to be true, it is.
We believe that it is fun being us.
We believe that 1,200 bodies can be buried in 1 acre of land.
We believe in purity.
We believe we are all invisible.
We believe in spontaneous combustion.
We believe you should always show your true self.
We believe we might be.
We believe there is sex in cyberspace.
We believe there are things we see for the first time again and again.
We believe the walls tell the story.
We believe that green is the color of war.
We believe in existentialism.
We believe we have run dry.
We believe you can defy reality.
We believe you are never really free from yourself.
We believe you should hang on to your horizontal.
We believe in shared ecstasy.
We believe it is a hell of a long way home.
We believe there is intelligent life out there.
We believe that every song is a prayer.
We believe that the sky tonight is the color of tears.
We believe we should sleep forever.
We believe that love is a nightmare created by someone else in a parallel universe.
We believe we die little deaths every day.
We believe we should all dissolve and simplify.
We believe there is no such thing as making love, it should be there already.
We believe everything is the way it is because it is.
We believe everyone should have at least one.
We believe that if you don't feel pain, you can't feel pleasure.
We believe that insanity is the key to survival.
We believe that other people are the icing on the cake, but the cake should be you.
We believe everyone is an island.
We believe that no one can do everyone, but everyone can do someone.
We believe it doesn't sound how it feels.
We believe it tastes green.


Nina said...

Thanks, honey. How about "We believe he who can get hosed, shall be thusly hosed"?

LAS said...

I know - I'm sorry so Nina about everything you have been through. I would be horrified to know what a list would look like now if I wrote a list, it would be, uh, let's just say, not the same as when I was 14 and didn't know that everything was going to go wrong. I'll be thinking about you!

sybil law said...

Hey - that list made me laugh!!