Wednesday, August 13, 2008

List progress

Of yesterday's list, I accomplished 1, 4, and 5. I suppose I could get off my butt and return those pants that don't even fit me, but it has been a crazy, uh, day so far. More family drama, of the unanticipated sort. I am not going to blog about it because every time I do describe the FUBARness associated with my dad's illness and death, I always regret it later. Suffice it to say we just got smacked upside the wallet again. Life... it just isn't kind to my people. At all.

But day isn't over yet. I could return those ugly pants that don't even fit me, but instead I am doing the good thing I should have done days ago, which is laundry and working on a project for excellent blogger and good guy Avitable. I also have important work to do by request from P.

Note to anyone who wants to join me: when writing a haiku for the children of Afghanistan, note that the word itself takes up a lot of haiku space. Four syllables. Note also that if you abbreviate to "Afghan," your readers might interpret your poem to be a call to compassion for your basic polyester couch blankee - you know, the ones your grandmother made for you to snuggle under while you were watching Wizard of Oz. This haiku writing... it's a tricky business, and I want to do mine right.

I'll post that as soon as I can solve my syllable problems.

Wednesday, to you, is hump day (at least some of you call it that). To me, it's just a day, but congratulations to you if you feel like your work week is now all downhill from here.

(Still appreciating you. More than ever).


P said...

I am beyond excited for my haiku. if "Afghan" is too difficult to incorporate, you could just use "towel head" or "terror suspect." Whatever. Get creative.

catherine said...

cosmic! I just wrote some Haiku for the first time since grade school at my blog a couple days ago. They are kind of nice!

catherine said...

...and in the interest of not being so self centered, wishing you well as always. Those pants ain't goin' nowhere anyway. I hope this money strain is over soon. It such a painful kind of strain.

I loved the blankee thing, u r SO funnay, as my bff and I say when IMing.

nightfly said...

We all love Nina
Appreciating how tough
Foreign haiku is

LizB said...

Children want to play
Peace in Kabul is shattered
Scars of war run deep

Annie said...

At least you did some things on your list, I did not :-). Good luck with that Haiku. XOXO

Daisy said...

You say afghan, I think dog. (Nevermind, you're not writing it for me.)

Kate P said...

One thing at a time--isn't that what they say?

I'm with Daisy--afghan makes me think of Barbie's dog "Beauty" that I had when I was little. Barbie probably has one of those purse dogs now.

Avitable said...

That's why you use "Afghani". Three syllables and perfect!

sybil law said...

Damn! Adam had my idea, only I was going to say, Afghanistani!!
Haikus really are sorta nice. Good luck!
My day was insane - midweek or not.

Dagny said...

Wednesday was shower day.

That is all.


Finn said...

Would your pants fit me?