Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It has been a weak week since I got home from whatever that was I went to in South Carolina. That craziness. I have been... what do they call it? gentle with my psychological outfit and I have tried not to overtax myself for fear I would have some kind of episode.

There comes a time, however, when it is time to get off the couch and stop fantasizing about living in a trailer and spending my days in lawn chair denuding dandelions. Today is going to be the day.

I will:

1) Go see my brother
2) Return those ugly pants that don't even fit me...
3) Stop by the post office
4) Go by my friend's parents' house and see where I will be living. Make sure I can see myself there, etc.
5) Stop by my church and place my hand on the door and look through the window. Rome. Day. You know what I am saying.

Your turn. What do you all need to be doing that you are putting off? Everybody pick something and tell me about it. Then, so we all have cross-mojination, go do it.

I love you.*

* Still appreciating you, too.


P said...

Oh Lord. I have some hardcore deadlines today and a presentation tomorrow. Have not started. Am fucked. Don't feel well, either. Need all the cross-mojination I can get because right now I have NO MOTIVATION. Other than fear, that is.

Tracy Lynn said...

I have dialysis, AGAIN, and I really need to go to the local IRS office and figure out what is going on with my stimulus check, or rather, the lack thereof.

Avitable said...

I have so many things to do! I need to clone myself. But then I'd probably just spend the whole time having sex with myself.

sybil law said...

Good for you!
I have some stupid bookmarks to make. Seriously. Well, they aren't stupid, but I have been putting them off.

Miss Britt said...



I so needed to hear this and I DON'T WANNA!!

Rick(y) said...

alright, alright.

I've got to finish penciling and inking my final for the CE class I've been taking at the School of Visual Arts, then I have to scan it, size it to fit, then print and collate the copies.

I've got to write my brother and his family a letter. Not just any letter, but, a "hi, we've never really met. my name is rick(y) and this is the story of my life and what I would like out of our relationship from this point foreward. your turn," letter because we haven't ever really gotten to know eachother and he's just getting further and further away from the rest of our family. Time to give some.

That's a good start, I'd say.

Annie said...

My list is too huge!
1.Finish book-not going to happen today :-).
2.Finish painting-again, not happening today.
3. I have a shelf full of broken things that need fixing.This may get done.
4. Tell the man I love, that I love him-Probably never going to happen.
I have more, but I can't think of them now.
Love you too, XOXOXO

maryse said...

it's not going to seem like much but i tell myself this almost every day and every day i don't do this.

i need to exercise.

Finn said...

I need to get more done on that memory book for my son that I was supposed to spend my summer working on.

Oh, and my short stories.

Maggie said...

I should clean the kitchen, and then get started on the mess that is my room. I also need to order a dresser, clean out the closet, sort and then donate old clothes.

OMG and pay my property taxes.
But that's only the personal stuff. I'm not even starting on all I have to do at work.

That said, I did a HUGE thing I'd been putting off last night. I got back in touch with my storied ex, the "One That Got Away" (tm), and we had a perfect date.
So that was a big one to cross off my life list.

catherine said...

Where to begin. *sigh*

Ki said...

Vacuum the @#$% floor. But first I have to clean out the vacuum.

Kate P said...

I think your mojo has been starting to work already, Nina. Yesterday and most of today I was feeling too nervous to ask my boss for next week off so I can try to make it to the beach and use up the last of my vacation days prior to quitting (but not raise any suspicions about that). Finally I got up from my chair and went to him with my request. His only question was about work coverage; satisfied, he signed it.

Now I have to work up the nerve to drive down the shore by myself and not be afraid of getting lost.

Hope the house is picture-perfect for you.

Liz said...

I've been putting off a lot of things. A sampling:
(1) flushing out the water heater
(2) Turning in the rest of my new hire paperwork to hr
(3) doing something about my circuit breaker that keeps tripping
(4) getting some work done on my Buick
(5) wash my cars

LizB said...

Ugh! I need to:
1. Weed and put fresh mulch in the herb garden.
2. Finish unit plans from the rest of the marking period.
3. Put grades in the online gradebook.
4. Fold a mountain of laundry.
5. Find a new stylist and book an appointment.
6. Pay the taxes on my car before my birthday (Aug. 17).
7. Add these items to my already growing to-do list. Thanks for the poke, Nina.

Joel said...

I need to blog. I'm actually down to eight-hour days this week, so I should be blogging, but I just can't make myself ignore the children that long.

I can't guarantee you a trailer, but have you considered heading west (and slightly north)? I can think of at least three open jobs that you'd be perfect for here in this one-and-a-half-horse town, and it only takes one job to live on, unlike where you are now. Besides, it's rodeo season and you'd look cute in a cowboy hat. Just a thought. (I know if I lived in a city that size, I'd go nuts in a matter of days. I like being able to bump into people I know at the grocery store, and watch the Little League games.)

Daisy said...

I am not taking my cat to the vet to have his teeth pulled.

Don't ask.

Matt said...

Just that pesky vasectomy I keep promising myself. Come to think of it, I'm going to continue to put that off.

Cricky (Who Is More Than Just A Girl) said...

I have so much work piling up and I just have no desire to actually do any of it.

I guess there comes a time when you just have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get on with it.

After reading what you have been through in the past few weeks I must say I admire your strength.