Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Counting on my toes, then ***UPDATED***

It would take 17 bottles of Grolsch to kill me

Ahem, can I just say something? I would be dead at half that many, thanks.

THanks to Bookhart for posting it first.

Since we are nearing the end of NaBloPoMo, I want to send a quick shout out (do people even say that anymore?) to my pal Em over at Finding Happy. Em, that's me checking your blog five times a day. I hope you don't mind.


Obviously, you are beautiful, intelligent, sensible and well-adjusted or you wouldn't be here, but in case you are having a lapse in judgment, Library Tavern Liz, aka, The Tavern Wench, makes an excellent point: don't try to drink your "death by booze" limit to see if it "works."

OK? 'Preciate it.


em said...

:-) Not at all!

The Horny Bitch said...

who doesn't like it long, thick n hard? are u referring to the shoulders?? opps! ;P

Woodrow said...

What's up with the Altanta Dating link? We need links to single chicks in Oklahoma, not Georgia. Jeez.