Thursday, November 29, 2007

Short, Sweet (ok, sort of)

I can no longer coast on the greatness of others. I have linked and pointed to other people's awesomeness all week and I could do it again (oh, ok... click here) but I should not do so without admitting:

1) I have been grading papers and tests each night until I am nearly weeping with fatigue (which is another way of saying I scribble "do this right and give it back to me" about 50 times and then collapse in a heap of tears before rummaging through the drug drawer).

2) I have been working on an epic, three part post, the finale of Larry, WPITW. It's no excuse, but it's true.

3) I have to start working out again or I will have to reel the left (or right, whatever) side of my body back in from the hallway to avoid being a human fire hazard. My apartment is small. My ass is widening. It's not good, people.

So I have a plan for tomorrow's post and I will post it because it's part of the NaBloPoMo contract. But after that, posting will be flimsy and weak for a few days (or perhaps and entire week) while I do my job, go to the gym, and attempt to right my ship. Whatever that means.

Maybe later I will draw you a picture of a unicorn jumping out of a rainbow.

Oh wait... I already... did that?

Never mind.

Happy Thursday.


Persephone said...

Hold up - no posting for several DAYS? A WEEK? That's wrong, sister. I NEED you.

Slick said... posting for a whole week? You can't do that!!

By the way, I personally thought your Unicorn was very life like but then, Unicorns aren't real anyway.

That comment in no way degrades your artwork, which I found quite colorful and spunky.

I'd give you an A+. Right after recess and naptime. ;)

em said...

Wait! I just found you. . .don't go away for a whole week!

Nina said...

Persephone, Slick, Em, I will post. Just less than before. (Probably). I am merely pointing out that the NaBloPoMo contract has ended and I am no longer under fake promise to Some Website Contest to post so much. Etc.