Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Aspie score is 22

According to this short test at RDOS.NET, I score 22 out of 200, Aspie, and 175 out of 200, neurotypical.* Here is a visual representation of my brain as plotted on a web-graph.

I should be thrilled to learn what I already knew, which is that I do not have Asperger's Syndrome. But what I'd very much like to know is where is the bat in all that webby neuro-typical goodness?

Thanks to The Tavern Wench for clueing me in to this little gem.

Yes. Yes, I know. It's Larry day. Give me a few hours. I have to do some work, and I have to figure out how to explain what happened next.

* Notice that little spike in the "compulsion" sector? Yeah, me too.


Persephone said...

Does this mean you have bats in your belfry?

Rick said...

Thank you for posting this! I put up my own scores at (surprise, surprise) my own blog:


I have a nephew who is definitely on the spectrum of Asperger's and Autism. He's quite amazing at words and songs, writing and reciting. Not great at many other things like new people and different situations. He's wonderful though. Three, I think. (I'm a bad uncle, I know.)

BTW, Larry scares the shit out of me and I'd probably have quietly gotten rid of him while he slumbers in the night, if I knew him. And I don't just go around assassinating the people I know. Just sayin'

Rick said...

Okay, no assassination at all. That was a big fat lie and not very sensitive at all to real situations and people. I'm sorry. Sometimes saying these things equates to a chuckle or two. I realize this one may not.

Nina said...

Babe, we've ALL thought about offing old Larry. He pissed us all off so bad we even tried to figure out how to magically have him sent to a third world prison. (That plan never did work out). He has done some terrible stuff to people. Oddly, he has suffered far more than any of the rest of us. It's a terrrible, terrible thing especially since the women involved have long since forgiven him and gone on with their lives.

Nina said...

And yes, Persephone, I have bats. Check out entry titled $450.