Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pigeons and Eagle's Wings

I was writing my novel just a moment ago when I heard what I can only describe as howling outside my window. I went and looked. This is what I saw:

I put on my coat (yes, thank you, it is FINALLY cold in New York) and took these pictures from the overpass:

Yes, people, those are runners with angel wings strapped to their backs - and yes, they are running in formation.

Why? It is the International Friendship Run, a prelude to the New York City Marathon, which takes place tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am bringing Liam into the city to watch the race and see where I live. That means my apartment has to be swabbed down with Lysol and all the empty liquor bottles and candy wrappers have to be dispatched - immediately. All this, and I promised the internet I would write a novel this month. Good lord.

By the way, I am working on the novel. The working title is Great Eagle Rescues of Middle Earth.

I am trying to work the the pigeon.

Stop laughing at me. Thank you.


LizB said...

Somewhat related. I have always wanted to be in NY for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I almost made it a couple of years ago, when I was supposed to be in Manhattan for a business trip. (I used to work for Oxygen.) The trip was to take place the week after Thanksgiving, and I tried to come up with the cash to extend the visit and spend Thanksgiving in NY with my family. However, $$$ was the issue and it just wasn't possible.

Have you been a spectator for this event?

Nina said...

Liz, I am a spectator every year. The place to watch is 1st Avenue, at the 59th Street Bridge. The runners come across the bridge and run up Ist Avenue, and if you don't know the Upper East Side - let me just say that on a normal day, it is a fraternity party. On marathon day? People line up on the sidewalks and drink beer all day. Most have at least one friend running and therefore are holding signs and making bets with each other regarding when the friend will appear. This year I have two friends, Cyn and Val running. That means I have to hold two signs - and someone is going to have to hold the beer straw to my mouth. So I don't get thirsty.

You should try to make it next year. It is a hell of a good time.

Nina said...

Oh yeah, and I ran it in 2000. I actually stopped for 30 seconds on 1st Avenue and managed to get down half a beer before I started running again. Ran my best marathon time ever.