Thursday, November 22, 2007

I made a picture. Of a unicorn. For you.

I am grateful, "to" series

1) to be alive

2) to have a place to live

3) to have a job

4) to live in New York City

5) to have great hair

I am grateful, "that" series

1) that I can sleep at night

2) that my nephew calls me Nini

3) that my boss has no idea how little work I do

4) that Supajewie sill listens to me

5) that my hair is still (mostly) blond

I am grateful, "for" series

1) my dad's inexplicable good health

2) my brother's unflappable good sense

3) the songs of my cat-head (ok not really)

4) the growth rate of my fabulous hair

5) my friends, without whom this year would have been unbearable*

In closing, I made this picture for you, illustrating my feelings** about Thanksgiving:

Enjoy. (And Happy Thanksgiving).

* and also for RainbowysUnicorns (tm)

** no comments, please, about how my unicorn looks like a lizard with a barber shop pole sticking out of its head. I love you. And love is all that matters. Etc.


Avitable said...

Happy turkey day!

Lisa b said...

'love is all that matters' you crack me up

am v jealous of your good hair.

loved your comment to Las, helping others really is the one thing that helps.