Friday, November 9, 2007

Diwali, Happy

Today is New Years in India, and the culmination of the Festival of Lights known as Diwali.

My darling Lola has been have a rough week or two, homesick for India, overworked at her job as Resident Genius at Some Software Company, and underappreciated by the entire world, including me.*

Diwali is happy time in India and since for Lola, these times are not so great, I am off to Jackson Heights today to buy spices and candles for my girl and see if I can get in on some of that clean slate type energy. Lola needs it and so do I.

It would be wrong of me (very wrong) not to mention my other girlfriends from India, Mohadoha and Sri (who technically is Bengali - but refers to herself as "Indian" half the time - gosh, that is confusing, especially since Sri is Muslim) and say that I am grateful to the patch of earth known as Asia for producing these people. And since I have expanded to Asia, I should also mention Mischa (China) and Pax (Philippines).

I will take and post pictures of whatever Diwali goodness I can get my camera on later today.

* About last night... perhaps it would be better for me not to stay up all night, work twelve hours (with a cold), drink three glasses of whatever without eating all day -- and then start talking about my feelings. It was hands down my ugliest and scariest performance to date. So yeah, Lola, underappreciated by entire world, including me, apparently.

1 comment:

Lola said...

U're very sweet..and that's silly. I never feel underappreciated. :-)
And m'dear as we all know, there ain't much to appreciate in here.
Rought weeks...probably. But not to worry, there's always the w(h)ine!