Saturday, November 3, 2007

NaNoWriMo Progress

Nada. But once I actually get started, I will post excerpts so that y'all can see how talented* I am (and how well I work under pressure). Until then, I offer the following information about the 50,000 word novel that I am (supposedly) writing before the month is out:

Protagonist: Joel** Skimpole***, tennant of 505 East 2nd St., NY, NY.

Antagonist: Mrs. Annasheika Ward, resident and landlady of 505 East 2nd St., NY, NY.

Conflict: Rent.

Crisis: I don't know but someone will have sex down by the river.

Resolution: unknown.

What is known is that Protagonist Joel and Antagonist Anna are going to go to war over rent, and in my imagination, they are fighting so big that weaponry and civic authorities will be involved. Also, one or both of them will definitely be buying a lottery ticket. I have committed myself to at least one sword fight, some pink rose petals, a broken umbrella and the death of at least one pigeon.

We'll talk more about this later.

*I am totally kidding. Really good writers don't use adverbs - and they definitely do NOT use the words "actually get started" - ever.

**In honor of a recent commenter who enlightened my entire five person readership on a subject we shall no longer be discussing, but which you, reader, may peruse here.

***A really good description of the original Skimpole - and also a stunning article, if you get that far, about the authority of the Church. If you are Catholic and you read the whole article, you will get all itchy and uncomfortable and you will make yourself a little post-it note that says 'Church, important, soon' and stick it somewhere you won't see it again until it's way too late to try to go to church on Sunday and then you'll tape it somewhere else thinking maybe next week, and then you won't and yeah, lather, rinse, repeat...

Perhaps I've said enough for today.

Thank you for reading. (And have a great weekend).


Avitable said...

Day 3 and you haven't started yet?

Anonymous said...

Talking about writing is not the same thing as writing. Write it.

Nina said...

Avitable and Anon, I wrote for three hours yesterday. I have already killed the pigeon and the weaponry is on order from Society for Creative Anachronism. So there.