Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get the Bee!

I had a lot of work to do yesterday. How did I cope? I clocked out early and took the train out to New Jersey so I could take Liam out trick-or-treating with my brother Buzz. Liam is three, as of last week, and he dressed up as a skeleton:

We went to the Halloween Parade, and the costumes were quite something.

This is where I part company with pretty much everyone else in America:

The moment I found myself glueing cotton balls to my beagle, strapping wings to my terrier, or stuffing my other terrier into a bee costume... Because of a holiday... that is essentially about high fructose corn syrup and.... deadness... well. Fit me for the paper slippers at Bellevue. I am checking in.

And yet, oddly... these people remind me of.... oh, let's see.... who's that girl I know?

Oh yes. Me.


Woodrow said...

I see no need for any dog that weighs less than....oh...let's say 30 pounds, or any dog that won't either find or fetch shit for me.

Julie said...

I agree, Woodrow. Although my Catahoula shrieks and runs from the refrigerator door in about the same pitch she uses to shriek at deer.