Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sin of the Week, 11/11/07

I have behaved so admirably in the last seven days that I hardly know what to write. Aside from being banished to the eighth level of hell, I have been a perfect human being. Unless you count drinking and having murderous thoughts about people who (supposedly) love me. Then you might without obvious unreason surmise (where have I heard that before?) that I have lost all hope of decency.

But enough about me. Here are some more fun pieces of information that a person alive and in the world can expect to learn through experience (and google).

1) Psyche meds are not worth the insomnia (at least, I don't think so).

2) If you turn the heater on, you should turn the air conditioning off.

3) Taking a shower improves a head cold by 12%.

4) But only if you use eucalytpus body wash.

5) Arugula is overrated.

7) The definition of the word "yacht" is unclear - even to people who own them.

8) Avitable likes to touch himself.

I am going to log off for a while and have some more pornographic fantasies about sleeping. I will post later today about breasts.

Happy Sunday.


Avitable said...

A boy can't have any secrets now, can he?

Nina said...

If I had read your post more carefully at 4am (which I did not) I would have noticed that you did not specify a love of touching self - only a love of that old song about it. It appears I have affronted your dignity and the dignity of Mrs. A. Avitable. Impolite of me, to say the least.

Apologies, etc.

Avitable said...

Well, my picture is in the dictionary next to onanism, so I guess it's well deserved.