Thursday, November 8, 2007

In which I defer to Julie LargeBreast

I have to go get a mammogram on Friday. What joy is mine. I planned a post about the world of mammography, and eventually it will be written and posted. But most of what can be usefully said about mammograms has already been said by my beloved Julie at alittlepregnant.

If you are thinking oh I am a man and I care nothing for the troubles of breast ownership... click above. Worth the bandwidth and also, just, wow.

Away with you, already. Click, click. Go.


Maggie said...

Alas, poor Nina.

But check out what I had done yesterday!

I'll be posting my pics soon, promise.

Nina said...

Maggie, I don't mind going for mammograms, for reasons I will get around to posting some other day.

Also, alas, Maggie, not fun for you. I know more about the world of reproductive medicine that I perhaps should, mostly because of alittepregnant Julie's blog - but perhaps you had the test done for another reason? Now I have confused myself. I'll be checking your blog for pics.

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