Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'll be right with you

Yeah, it's late. I know.

I have a few half finished posts that are just not cooked yet. So for now I leave with you this haiku, written by me, while sitting next to MohaDoha in our Asian Literature class eight years ago.

Threads hang from her hem,
the widow bends to pick up
heavy newspaper.

I found it in an envelope with this piece of counterfeit Viet Namese money:

I'll post again later. (I think).


Persephone said...

Your haiku inspired me to create my own seasonal haiku just for you:

Sitting at my desk
Thinking my workplace sucks balls.
Tofurkey beckons.

Nina said...

Lovely pre-Thanksgiving haihu, Persephone. Yours is better than mine, too, since you have included both a kireji (cutting word) and a kigo (season word). Well done.